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Chris Tress


Chris began working with the inner-city community of Tamarind Avenue in 1998 at Urban Youth Impact. Over those years, his main role was Director of Ministry where he oversaw outreaches, Bible studies, discipleship, recruiting, training, staff, and volunteers. In 2004 the president of Urban Youth Impact, Bill Hobbs, asked Chris to plant Bow Down, a multicultural church focused on transforming the Tamarind Avenue community through the power of the gospel. The church began to grow and in 2011, Bill and Chris agreed that he needed to step down from his position as Director of Ministry to be the full-time pastor at Bow Down Church. Chris became president of Urban Youth Impact in 2019, working with Bill to continue to love, equip, and empower the children of this community. Chris and his beautiful wife Colleen have two children.

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Michele Rasmussen


Michele Rasmussen is the principal of Carver Christian Academy. She has worked for Urban Youth Impact since 2012. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Sociology and her Master's Degree in Education. She believes that a school's purpose is to equip children to understand the truth about life, the world, and their place in it, and to acquire the academics and skills needed to be triumphant in the world. With the Word of God as the standard of truth, CCA students will grow to become intelligent individuals who are responsible, respectful, kind, and self-controlled whose actions influence their families and our world. 


Joseph Wilson

Boys Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Joseph Wilson, and I am honored to be a part of the Carver Christian family.


For this school is not just here to fill the kids in education, but with the truth and love of God's word.


There is no greater reward than to know that the next generation is getting fed about who God is through people who live the way God intended us too.


Mary Bellamy

Girls Kindergarten Teacher

Mary is excited for her first year with Urban Youth Impact and Carver Christian Academy.

She has already influenced our girls lives and is a big part of the reason our students are experiencing success in our pilot year.

Mary has found many new and creative ways to teach our kids and meet them where they are.

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